Fernando de Miguel is a swiss musician born in 1971 in Geneva with spanish origins.
He is part of the old school agitators of the underground Geneva's scene in the nineties and two thousands. He has been collaborating with several bands which supported the local scene, in those years where the thrill and the dream of independent production where building a future full of mutations. These different projects where influenced by Pop music, Jazz, Funk, the emergence of Hip Hop culture and electronic music as much as the energy of punk rock. He was an original member of bands like The Munch, Buz, Edison, Thöt Bob, Somatic or more recently Imericani and Zwegh. With those different projects he had the opportunity to perform in places like Montreux Jazz festival, Paléo festival, Expo02 and in a great number of clubs and festivals in Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy where they also were invited to be opening for artists such as Keziah Jones, Siouxie and the Banshees or RUN DMC.
In 2005, driven by the urge of developing his computer music skills, he heads to Barcelona to start new studies following the "Master en Artes Digitales" postgrade in Pompeu Fabra University. During this program, he followed electroacoustic music composition classes with professor Gabriel Brncic in addition of workshops and classes of different digital arts as web production, video editing, multimedia installations, interactivity and interfaces. As he returns to Geneva, he joins Database59 collective and starts developing projects with visual and video artists. Today, his field of expression includes composition and sound design for Theater and Danse, he also composed a piece in 2013 for the International red cross museum in Geneva. He is also active as a performer on stage with musical projects like Andrés Garcia and the Ghost as a multi instrumentist and singer, or performance art like La Ribot´s "Laughing hole" where he plays Clive Jenkin´s designed system between "musique concrète" and raw electronic noise.
Among his last collaborations we find : Oskar Gómez Mata - Cie L'Alakran, Vincent Coppey, Matthieu Vertut, Jean-Louis Johannides, La Ribot, Andrés Garcia, Dallas Switzerland and Caroline de Cornière.

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